Espacio Delicias, a new project of Teatro Bankia Príncipe Pío.

The capital will have a complex dedicated to musicals and cabaret [...]


From the 13 in September the Spiegeltent will start the season in a new location in the center of Madrid: C / Delicias, 61.The new space EL GRAN TEATRO BANKIA DELICIAS will host a large number of shows and new releases.

Starting point, open hiring

After two seasons of success at La Estación Gran Teatro Bankia Príncipe Pío, Punto de Partida opens contracting dates to visit other theaters in different Spanish cities. Theatrical show tribute to Rocío Jurado, interpreted the first two years by Ines Leon and from June by Anabel Dueñas who takes over. It is the first and only dedicated to "the chipionera" sponsored by his daughter Rocío Carrasco.

Vivlium 3

Important: Reserve your ticket for this free event at (Offer valid until full capacity is reached). It is essential to send the reservation email, or fill out the form below and send, before Friday 16 of March to the 12: 00h,

"Chicago" Immersive cinema

Experience the realism of cinema like you've never enjoyed it before, with the live musical numbers and with the theater transformed into the Chicago atmosphere of the 20 years! In "Chicago" Immersive Cinema the characters come alive outside the screen, making you perceive the scene as if you were part of the same movie.

Vivlium 2

Important: Reserve your ticket for this free event at (Offer valid until full capacity is reached). It is essential to send the reservation email before Friday 16 of February to the 12: 00 h.


Important: Reservation for this free event at (Offer valid until full capacity is reached). It is essential to send the reservation email before November 24 to the 12: 00h

Jorge Bucay, "The Circus of Your Life"

It has always been said that life is a circus but do you know the circus of your life well? Is it where you live the circus you really want to live in? "The Circus of your Life" is more than a show, it is an opportunity to analyze your self and your role in the world in which you live, guided by the best master of ceremonies that may exist for this purpose, Jorge Bucay.

Clandestino presents "Cielo Santo Cabaret"

It has always been said "From Madrid to heaven". Well, it is time for you to know that heaven to which Madrid leads where all the candid, innocent, gullible and naive souls end up enjoying the pleasures that a pious and venerable life grants them as their last wish. Welcome to Cielo Santo Cabaret, the new show that Clandestino brings you.

More advantages of Abonoteatro

This subscription is a bargain! Not only can you attend during [...]

Loewe chooses La Estación for his last spot with the protagonist of Narcos

Only Loewe chose the old building of the Station of the [...]

The Station in the Lingerie Catalog of El Corte Inglés

The models are spectacular, the lingerie a dream ... but the [...]

PLAYSTATION VR RESORT at the Bankia Príncipe Pío Grand Theater

PlayStation presents in the Gran Teatro Bankia Príncipe Pío the first virtual vacation center to travel to any destination without leaving the site, PlayStation VR Resort. It is the first virtual holiday center located in the center of Madrid, a space aimed at all people who want to advance the summer season by traveling to all kinds of destinations through Virtual Reality.

The SuperSingles in concert

They made themselves known in "Operación Triunfo" and for seven years they played music in the afternoons of "Qué tiempo tan feliz" on Tele5 with María Teresa Campos. They are Los SuperSingles, a group formed by Anabel Dueñas, Mercedes Durán, Fran Dieli and Samuel, and now they appear at the Bankia Príncipe Pío Grand Theater in a concert where they perform great successes of several generations, such as: 'Black is Black', 'Help, Help me !,' A kiss and a fl oor ',' I would like to be ',' You are you ',' They all look at me 'or' Live my life '.

Grand Final Madrid Glenfiddich Fusion

The grand final in Madrid of #GlenfiddichFusion, the [...]

MasterChef at the Bankia Príncipe Pío Grand Theater

MasterChef and Jorge Vázquez staged an event at the Bankia Príncipe Pío Grand Theater. The contestants of MasterChef had to prepare the desserts of the great gala dinner that was celebrated on the occasion of the presentation of the latest collection by the designer Jorge Vázquez. Event at The Station.

New McDonald's spot recorded at La Estación

McDonald's has chosen as the stage the old building of La Estación de Príncipe Pío to present its new Grand McExtreme hamburger flavored with old New Orleans. Here you can see the full advertising spot. What a bohemian air the walls of the abandoned North Station give to this jazz band!

Win: Two fertilizers for a kiss

Here you have some of the many photos that we [...]

Presentation Ón Bank and Gran Teatro Bankia Príncipe Pío

Meet Ón Bank on

Who is who in Clandestino? Shara Lecter

Shara Lecter is the queen of sensuality in Clandestino Cabaret. All a goddess of the Pole Dance that magnetizes with her look, her curves and her movements loaded with pure erotic poison.

Who is who in Clandestino? Gabriela Vaz

The Station - Who is Gabriela Vaz in Clandestino Cabaret? [...]

We Will Rock You the musical begins the return

The new We Will Rock journey begins [...]

Clandestine Video Cabaret

At the movies with your Abonoteatro

Now with your Abonoteatro card you can go to the cinema and see the latest releases, just for the management expenses. 21 rooms at your disposal with Dreams Cinemas.

Who is who in Clandestino? Desko

The Station - Who is Desko in Clandestino Cabaret? [...]

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