Experience the realism of cinema like you've never enjoyed it before, with the live musical numbers and with the theater transformed into the Chicago atmosphere of the 20 years! At immersive cinema the characters come alive outside the screen, making you perceive the scene as if you were part of the same film directed by Rob Marshall and played by Richard Gere, Renée Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones. It is a new experience that comes to Spain for the first time and that is already enjoyed successfully in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Do not miss this photo gallery of Álvaro Caballo of the best musical numbers of "Chicago "Immersive cinema en The Bankia Príncipe Pío Grand Theater Station.

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A unique and magical feeling. A "cine-theater" experience that you can not miss.
Various performing arts: theater, music and dance, are mixed with film, with the aim of turning the viewer into part of the film. The musical numbers are interpreted simultaneously on the screen and live.

Duration: 1 hour and 53 minutes (without rest)