The capital will have a complex dedicated to musicals and cabaret next to the Railway Museum, the new Space Delicias, Bankia Principe Pío Theater project along with Letsgo.

Four tents dedicated to musicals, cabaret, comedy, exhibitions and other activities. This is how Espacio Delicias is presented, a new cultural and leisure complex that will open its doors next October at the back of the Railway Museum.

Specifically, an area of ​​18.000 square meters that will also have an outdoor area dedicated to gastronomy, concerts, music and performances. Conceived as a “multi-space space”, this complex represents a “revolutionary commitment” in the Madrid district of Arganzuela, which will offer a “wide cultural offer with affordable prices”.

One of the tents will be the GRAN THEATER BANKIA DELICIAS It will host a large number of shows and new releases. Some of the functions that will be represented will be shows that have gone through Prince Pio as is the case of the fifth season of Cladestino Cabaret, a show that has revolutionized the Madrid billboard or the third season of Cielo Santo Cabaret. "The Imitator" the success of this season with Julian Fontalvo as the protagonist as well as new shows, "Magic Comedy" a humor show in the style of Las Vegas. "I leave with you" is a show where two great humor professionals will take the stage at each show and the public will have the opportunity to enjoy them closely. "Clownppelia" a show of gestural humor where clown and dance are the protagonists. "Beautiful and Beasts" and many more surprises.

Another of the four tents will be located in the Arena Arena, with a capacity of 1.350 seats, dedicated to shows that merge circus, dance, cabaret and humor, such as 'The Hole Zero', which ends tour in Madrid, and 'Hotel Habana Show' , the new bet of 'Lets Go' that takes over from the successful saga of 'The Hole'. This new show combines circus, dance and music numbers gathering 36 “top-notch” Cuban artists on stage.

Musicals "for all tastes and ages" will be represented in the Musical Space, with a capacity of 1.040 people. The first musicals to perform will be 'La Familia Addams', which returns to Madrid and will open its doors on Halloween proposing an immersive experience, and 'Dirty Dancing', which returns for the last time to Madrid after its national tour.

The cultural complex is completed with the Big Garden space, a central square of 2.000 square meters from which you can access the different areas, free access for all the public without having to attend the carp shows. This space will be dedicated to the gastronomic and leisure offer accompanied by performances and performances that will energize the public, a “meeting point” where you can “drink something and enjoy music and good atmosphere”.

City of Culture and the Arts

With this new cultural commitment, Madrid lives up to other European cities with projects of this type, such as Underbelly in the United Kingdom, Asembly Fringe Festival in Edinburgh and South Bank Center London, among others.

The Station will be in charge of the management of this “city of culture and the arts” together with Letsgo, having won the exploitation project for this space awarded by Adif. According to this company, the contract was signed last July 1 and contemplates a provisional action for the temporary implementation of specialized removable facilities for cultural activities, for a period of two years.

This activity is compatible with the work that Adif, Madrid City Council and the National Institute of the Performing Arts and Music (INAEM) are jointly carrying out in order to jointly study the improvement of the integration of railway floors in the city of the old station of Delicias, currently in disuse.
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