The most beautiful trip of my life

Every year my daughter and I take a trip of 15 days to different parts of the world. Last summer a good friend advised me to live a different experience. He recommended me to go to Kenya to spend a few days in a solidary camp, the ADCAM Mara Vision Camp, from the hand of the authentic Maasai warriors, something that had changed her life years ago.

I do not want to hide that as the author of the book El Éxito, I thought that I could surely contribute some help to the Maasai to prosper in their community, but the reality turned out to be very far from this idea, since I was the one who was about to receive the most important lesson of my life.

We arrived in Kenya and were picked up by a William SUV, Kikanae Ole Pere, a Maasai leader who personally attended us and accompanied us in all the activities we did: during the safari, the picnic watching the most beautiful sunset in Africa, the breakfast watching the hippos and crocodiles, the visit to his town, the school, the excursions ... Today I can say that William and I are brothers despite so many things that make us different, because from the first moment he made me feel like this .

William and his community turned to us and taught us about the culture of the savannah, its animals, its trees, its play of colors, its customs and its people. And every night we would gather around the fire to tell something that had happened to us during the day. And everyone, young and old, enjoyed the stories of the others in what they call the "Fire News" (the fire of the news).

Immediately I realized that I had nothing to teach the Maasai, and yet there was much to be learned from them. They are happy with their way of life, with their few belongings and without access to the internet, to television or to all these technologies that we believe make our lives better. Without a doubt, it turned out to be one of the most beautiful and transforming experiences of my life.

Nothing can compare with a sunset in the Savannah, but the best part of the trip was that the Maasai gave us a lesson in life that I need to share with you. Because one of the things that makes me happiest is to be able to give to others what life gives me. That is why I recommend you from the heart to make this trip at least once, precisely so that your life gains the immense value it deserves.

Luis Álvarez. Drive of the Station


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The literary breakfasts have counted with the presence of writers such as Fernando Savater, Almudena Grandes, Eduardo Mendoza, Elvira Lindo, and Jorge Bucay, among others.

In order to be able to contribute to the sustainability of the project ADCAM has created a tourist accommodation in the Maasai Mara, where the Maasai warriors introduce visitors to their customs, landscapes and way of life.

A camp that has eight fully equipped tents with a total capacity for 16 people. The management of the camp is in charge of a team fully prepared to help you enjoy a pleasant stay.

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"He who lives to serve, serves to live"

A unique experience that changes your life.


ADCAM solidarity camp

Campaign ADCAM Mara Vision. Kenya.

Eight stores equipped for 16 visitors.

The best attention of the Maasai people.

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