After two seasons of success in The Bankia Príncipe Pío Grand Theater Station, Starting Point open contract dates to visit other theaters in different Spanish cities.

Theatrical show tribute to Rocío Jurado, played by Anabel Dueñas. It is the first and only dedicated to "the chipionera" sponsored by his daughter Rocío Carrasco and her husband, Fidel Albiac.

Nerves are breathed in the dressing room, just a few minutes before our protagonist, Candela, faces the performance of her life. That same night he has to interpret one of the themes of the voice par excellence of Spain, of the great Rocío Jurado.

Last touches of make-up and hairdressing to represent the Spanish singer of copla, flamenco and melodic song that has sold more than 25 million discs all over the world. While everything is ready to go on stage, our protagonist will play the songs of La Chipionera with which she gained international fame and got the nickname of La Niña de los Premios.

A journey through the history of a star through his songs where we will relive the great moments he has left us for posterity, a reflection of the admiration that aroused among the public.

A sincere tribute to "the greatest"!

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